US/Canada Original, Mini, Doki Doki, Gacha Gacha, and Inku Shipping Method


Are you living in the US or Canada and subscribed to an Original, Mini, Doki Doki, Gacha Gacha, or Inku crate?

We have upgraded your shipping method from USPS Priority Mail/Canadian Post to Japan Post Priority Air!

This will be effective from your March 2021 crates and on. 


Will JP Post cost more for me?

No, we’re able to offer this more reliable shipping method at no additional cost to you.


Does JP Post Priority Air include tracking?

As of right now, tracking is not currently available, but we are looking into potential options to add tracking to your crates in the future.


How long will my crate take to deliver with JP Post?

Crates should deliver within 2-4 weeks after fulfilment, but could take up to 6 weeks, depending on the operations of your local post office, customs office, and the weather.

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