How do I send a Gift Subscription?

Click on the GIVE A GIFT button on the main page. For Doki Doki, the gift subscription button will be on the main Doki Doki page.

After you have selected the size of the crate and the term, you will be brought to the Check Out page! Be sure to double check the recipient's e-mail as the gift link will be sent to the e-mail address on the order. 

To have the gift link e-mailed to the recipient on a specific date, you can change the Gift Date! Please keep in mind that this is only the date that the gift link will be sent to the recipient, and not the date that the crate will ship.

Just like regular subscriptions, gift subscriptions must be Claimed before the end of the month. (See When is the cutoff to order next month’s crate? for more information.)

Once the gift has been claimed, the recipient will start receiving their crates! When the recipient claims their gift, they will create their own account so that tracking e-mails and updates will be sent directly to them. They won't be able to view your account or payment information. 


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