I want to change my subscription plan/crate to a different crate. How do I do that?

The only time that you can change your subscription plan is before the next billing date.*

Just as you cannot cancel a multi-month plan prematurely (Read more about that here), you cannot change your multi-month subscription plan till it is over. If you have a 12-month, 6-month, or 3-month subscription, you will have to wait for the subscription cycle to be over before the new subscription plan activates.

This also applies to the type of the crate. If you wish to switch to a different crate, you will need to do so before the next billing date. If you do not change your plan before the billing date, it will not register in the system until after the current plan finishes.

We ask that our customers consider this prior to starting a multi-month subscription plan.

*For first time orders, please write in to Support to have your subscription changed within 24 hours of your order date. Subscriptions cannot be manually changed after the order has been placed so customers will need to have their orders canceled so that they can place a new one.

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