Promo Codes / Coupon Codes

Received an e-mail with a promo code and want to know how to apply it to your first order? It's super easy!

After adding the crate to your shopping cart (Please make sure that the size of the crate is within the coupon code limitations), you can find the COUPON OR GIFT CODE box below the total. 


Be sure to click the APPLY button! Without clicking this first, the discount will not be added when checking out.

After confirming the new price under TOTAL, you can check out as normal.

Coupon codes have the following limitations:

- All coupon codes will have an expiration date.
- Multiple codes cannot be stacked.
- Discounts and promo codes cannot be added on retroactively.
- Discount codes for first time subscribers cannot be applied to an account that currently has existing subscriptions.
- Promo codes do not apply to Gift Subscriptions.
- The codes can only be applied to the size of crate specified. EX: 3$ off a PREM or ORIG sized crate cannot be used to purchase a MINI crate.


*We reserve the right to cancel your Japan Crate account if we suspect that there has been coupon abuse.

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