Reactivating A Canceled Subscription

Whenever you cancel a subscription, you will always have the option to reactivate the subscription at a later date. After logging in to your Account, you can find your subscriptions on the left side. Click the Reactivate button under the canceled subscription.


Renewed subscriptions will keep their original billing date so multi-month subscriptions will not renew until the original renewal date. 1 month recurring subscriptions will renew within 24 hours and the next renewal date will be set to be the original bill date.

Also, please remember that because your subscription will not be billed instantly, if you are trying to make the monthly deadline, it's best to create a new subscription.


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    Dear japancrate team,
    I ordered a gift, but then I cancelled it, because I just wanted it once, not every month. Then i reactivite it and recived 5 E-Mails. In every E-Mail stand that it has been updated.
    Now I want to know if i ordered it 5 times or if it is allready cancelled.
    Please answer as soon as possible.

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