My crate is being sent back to you. Will you resend my crate?

Crates will return to us when an address is input wrong in the Account information or if the delivery attempt was unsuccessful after a number of tries.

If the address is changed after the deadline or too close to the shipping date, we will use the old address on the account. 

We cannot guarantee the time or day that USPS will make deliveries so it is important to have an address on file that can accept shipments at any time. Deliveries may be made before or after business hours so if you are having your crate sent to a commercial building, please keep this in mind.

We won't be able to issue a refund for the crate until we can confirm that it's been sent back to our warehouse.


*For US subscribers

If you wish to have the crate sent back to you and the shipment was undeliverable due to an incorrect address or failure to contact USPS, we will have to charge $6 for shipping and handling. 

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