Why are you shipping from Japan instead of the US?

We've found many items in Japan that we wanted to share with you. We were unable to do send them to you because of our shipments originating in the US. By shipping our crates directly from Japan, we are able to get you more of the Japan-exclusive items you want!

All of our crates are shipped straight from Japan. Everything will be sent via Japan Post Service using SAL. These shipments will not include tracking but should arrive 1-4 weeks after you receive your shipment notification. Your local government sponsored postal service will make the final delivery. (For the US, USPS will make the final delivery of your crate)

There may be delays due to weather, postal disruptions, customs delays, etc. We ask you wait at least six weeks before you inquire about your lost or missing crate. If you receive a letter or message from the post office about your damaged or lost crate, feel free to email us right away with a photo of the letter or message so we can get a new one sent out to you right away.

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